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Contaminated Insulation Removal and Replacement

Insulation badly contaminated with animal droppings in the attic of a house in Dunlap Tennessee

One of the many destructive things that animals do when they get into buildings is cause damage to the insulation. This can take the form of contaminating the insulation with their poop and pee; tearing it away from between the studs, rafters, and joists; clawing at the vapor barrier; flattening out insulation by running across it; using insulation as nesting material; or any combination of the above.

Wikldlife damage and contamination of insulation results in health risks, odors, and economic harm. Animal droppings and urine are associated with many different diseases; and when insulation is contaminated with these substances, it become a fomite, which is basically a germ dispenser. In many cases, microorganisms will actually use the insulation as part of their breeding medium, sort of like having a huge Petri dish is your attic, basement, or crawl space.

The other obvious problem with insulation damage is that insulation that is torn down or flattened out doesn't insulate very well, if at all. The way insulation works is that the air trapped in the insulation is what provides most of its insulating ability. Insulation that has been flattened by animals running over it has had the air squeezed out of it, which dramatically reduces its insulating ability. That costs you more money in heating and cooling costs.

Insulation Replacement by Rid-A-Critter

The above reasons are why Rid-A-Critter provides insulation removal and replacement as an add-on to our wildlife-removal services. We have invested in professional equipment to safely and responsibly remove contaminated insulation, and replace it with clean, modern, energy-efficient insulation. Our insulation-replacement service consists of the following steps:

Because we own our own equipment and have factory-trained technicians to operate it, we don't have to work around other companies' schedules. This means less disruption to your family's routine and fewer strangers in your home. It also means that the insulation replacement part of the job will be done to the same high standards as all of the work we do, and will be covered under our industry-leading warranty.

Insulation Replacement Gallery

Here are some randomly-selected pictures of various kinds of insulation damage, and some insulation-replacement work that we've done in Tennessee and elsewhere.

Please contact us to learn more about our Chattanooga, Tennessee insulation-replacement services. We appreciate your interest.


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In Alpharetta, Ga this morning providing a clearance letter to a customer so their buyers can rest assured they’re purchasing a Critter Free home. Did I mention our Warranty is 100% transferable??
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Lots of squirrel calls today. It appears gray and flying squirrels are attempting to take over every attic in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.
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From our family to yours we wish you good health and safety. During this uncertain time related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we want to assure you as a approved business for essential Services. Rid-A-Critter remains open. Thanks
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The Chattanooga, Tennessee office of Rid-A-Critter provides contaminated insulation replacement in the Chattanooga, Tennessee Metro Area, including the counties of Hamilton, Marion, and Sequatchie, Tennesee and the cities and towns of Collegedale, Dunlap, East Brainerd, East Ridge, Harrison, Jasper, Lakeview, Middle Valley, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, Soddy-Daisy, and their surrounding areas.

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